Denomination : 
PROGEVA® 100MG: Box of 30 soft capsules / PROGEVA® 200MG: Box of 15 soft capsules
Composition : 
  • PROGEVA® 100MG: Each capsule contains 100.00 mg natural micronized progesterone
  • PROGEVA® 200MG: Each capsule contains 200.00 mg natural micronized progesterone 
Indications : 

Oral administration:

  • Disorders related to progesterone deficit in particular: premenstrual syndrome, menstrual irregularities by dysovulation or anovulation, benign mastopathy, premenopause, menopausal replacement therapy (in association with estrogen therapy).

Vaginal administration:

  • Progesterone substitution for ovary deprived women in situation of total progesterone deficiency.
  • Supplementation of the luteal phase during in vitro fertilization cycles (IVF).
  • Supplementation of the luteal phase during spontaneous or induced cycles, in cases of hypofertility or primary or secondary ovarian failure, particulary through dysovulation. In cases of threatening abortion or prevention of repeated abortions due to proven luteal insufficiency, until the 12th week of pregnancy 

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