The best diet when you're trying to conceive

10 diet rules for a healthy pregnancy

Treat your future pregnancy as a good reason to start following a more healthy lifestyle.

  1. Do not increase your fat intake. Avoid excessive weight gain by reducing your consumption of cakes, dried fruit and animal fats (butter, lard, mayonnaise etc.), as well as rapidly absorbed carbohydrates (sugar, honey etc.).

  2. Avoid rich sauces.

  3. It is best to griddle, boil or steam your food.

  4. Take vitamins every day.

  5. Try to include one or two portions of fruit and vegetables with every meal.

  6. Increase your consumption of dairy products, preferably low fat. For example, drink at least three glasses of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk each day, plus one or two low-fat yoghurts or a piece of fairly mild cheese.

  7. In terms of protein, eat meat, fish, eggs and pulses in line with the usual recommendations for non-pregnant women.

  8. Increase your fibre intake (cereals, kiwis, wholemeal bread etc.).

  9. Split your usual meals into five or six throughout the day.

  10. Avoid tobacco, coffee, alcohol and other drugs.